wounds, care


The chronic wounds are one of the main public health problems in the world. Their treatment is prolonged and has important social impact since it contributes to absence from work. The patients evolve with a worsening quality of life.

The publication of the monograph entitled The Basic Principles of Chronic Wounds Care is the result of the preoccupations and practical and research activity of several years in a specialized center in Craiova in the field of chronic wound care.

The main authors are Dr. Cristian-Adrian Silosi and Dr. Dorin Mercut, prestigious surgeons, well-known and valuable teachers at UMF Craiova.

The theme of the paper addresses one of the medical-surgical pathologies with the most widespread incidence and prevalence, such as chronic wounds. They have polymorphic etiopathogenesis starting from the evolution of accidental acute wounds that evolve on a precarious biological field or errors of care and treatment. Others are a complication of arterial or venous, metabolic or neurological vascular pathologies such as post-thrombotic varicose ulcer, ischemic necrotic ulceration, and diabetic foot.

The present monograph represents an in-depth synthesis of the current state of knowledge of chronic wounds resulting from experience and the original contribution due to a rich scientific documentary after the study of a  international bibliography.

The first 5 chapters have the role of transmitting the classical fundamentals and the current study of knowledge of the field addressed.

The 6th chapter is represented by the original imagery of cases and the material proof of the scientific and professional level of the authors. The whole chapter is a true didactic atlas presented in dynamics as a film of learning stages.

Chapter 6 includes case studies. It is the chapter that highlights the original contribution that details the different ways of approaching basic care for each type of chronic wound. The monograph is rich in casuistic images, eloquent for each type of chronic wound from initiation of treatment to healing with different aspects of medical-surgical therapeutic procedures. The main types of chronic plagues presented were: diabetic foot, a post thrombotic venous ulcer, pressure plagues and artheriopathies in their various clinical anatomical forms and stages of evolution, resulting in a rich and convincing iconography.

Through the care and treatment of chronic ulcers as a common complication in the evolution of diseases such as diabetes, venous insufficiency, arteriopathy and peripheral neuropathy in the limbs we treat a real health problem of the entire world that requires all the attention.


January 28, 2021